Championship of School Spirit coming to KSM, February 11


Students of Kamehameha Maui dance the macarena at the 2012 Championship of School Spirit competition sponsored by Chilltown Productions on February 14.

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Take a listen to the 15-minute radio interview with Chilltown Productions (by clicking on the audio play button above and to the right) as part of the 2013 Championship of School Spirit event. Seniors Maleko Lorenzo, Bryce Takabayashi, and Kūpaʻa Luat-Hueu talked about their championship paddling season, their interests, and their school pride on Thursday, February 7.

For participating and for being early, the boys have already started earning points for Kamehameha Maui, who came in second by a mere 25 points last year.

For information about this year’s competition, visit the Chilltown COSS site by clicking here. Favorites from last year like the Mascot Macarena and Bring the Noise will be back. There is also a flyer scavenger hunt. Students need to take pictures of COSS flyers around campus and in off-campus locations and email them to [email protected] from Monday, February 11 to 8:00 p.m., Thursday, February 14.

The Chilltown Competition of School Spirit comes to the Kamehameha Maui Campus on Monday, February 11. Everyone, bring the spirit!