Five Web sites for a smooth Thanksgiving


Festive gourds are one way to bring that Thanksgiving feel to your holiday get-together. Read our article for the best Web sites for a hassle-free Thanksgiving.

By Maya Nitta, features editor

Thanksgiving is a time for thanks, but it can also be a time for stress. Here are six Web sites that will help you de-stress your Thanksgiving.

Whether it is your first time making a  turkey or you simply don’t remember what you’re supposed to use or where everything goes there is one place that has everything. The Butterball turkey site has everything you need to know from how to pick out a turkey to what to do with those leftovers (if you have any!) The site also has simple recipes, an FAQ section and an online version of their traditional Turkey Talk-Line. Before you leave the Butterball site, be sure to send a free t-card, a digital Thanksgiving greeting card, to plugged-in friends and family.

Decorations are also an important part of Thanksgiving. It is the decor that creates the mood. What better way to lighten up your home than with a burlap rose or candy corn wreath? Tip Junkie has a list of these and  14 other rustic decoration you can make to fill your home with the feel and colors of autumn.

Need something to keep the kids busy while you’re cooking? Put on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The kids are sure to be enthralled by the floats and celebrities it brings. Make it an interactive experience by sending them to the official parade Web site where they can check out the parade route and line-up or play The Parade Puzzler or Match It using iconic parade figures like Pikachu and Hello Kitty.

If that doesn’t do the trick, check out some Thanksgiving crafts at Kaboose and have the kids help with the decorations by creating paper flowers for a centerpiece or pilgrim finger puppets, among many other great ideas for quick and easy crafts for kids 6-12 to add to the decorations.

Now that the food is done look for some Thanksgiving trivia to share at the dinner table. Check out Time’s 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving. Any of these facts will be a great conversation starter.

Last, remember that you don’t need a computer or the Internet to bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to your family. Just make time around the dinner table to give friends and family a chance to share what they are most thankful for, a guaranteed recipe for warming everyone’s hearts.