Mayhem haunts old Maui High


Photo by Faith Owan

Haunted Mayhem, a new Halloween attraction at Old Maui High in Pāʻia, opened on October 22, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

The new Halloween attraction Haunted Mayhem opened at old Maui High School on Thursday, October 22.

Old Maui High School in Pāʻia is shrouded in myths of ghosts and strange occurrences for those who enter its borders making it the perfect place to host a haunted house event for the spooky October season.

Here is what to expect if you want to drop in for a scare.

When the  “victims” arrive at the event, scene-setting music plays as a monstrous announcer entertains them with his commentary. People go into the course in groups. The path leads into a Quonset hut full of dead bodies before meandering into a forest where ghost girls are hiding in trees (played by local talent, many of them high school students.)

Although the walk through the forest is only about half of the 30-minute course, the path feels much longer when there are potential killers jumping out of trees at you. Not only that, but it feels like someone is either following or watching you the entire time.

The forest sequence feels extra scary because there is tall grass and trees bordering the path (depending on what section you’re in), and the fear of someone popping out is constant. Distant screams and sudden jump scares make the forest an unpredictable stretch of the course where it would be smart to watch your back.

The path then leads event-goers to the old Maui High buildings. The path goes behind an abandoned structure at the far end of the campus—where there are dark openings in its foundation in which anything could be lurking—before moving into the hallways of the school.

A winding path through the buildings leads to windows where bodies are swinging from fans or peering out as they munch on a limb. A pit bull (part of security) that walks some of the school’s perimeters might be accompanying you at this point too. More jump scares out of doors or behind slashed draping will keep you on edge as you move on to the last section of the course.

The old entrance to the school is your exit, but first you’ll have to make it through the twisting halls among crumbling pillars that hide a chainsaw killer.

Although the haunted attraction was spooky, even in the daylight, go at night for the scariest effect.

The attraction is open Oct. 22-24 and 28-31 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The last walkers go in at 8:30. It costs $5 for little boys and ghouls under 13 and $10 for adults. You pay at the event (cash only), but you can reserve a date and time for groups of over six people by e-mailing [email protected] or calling (808) 280-5801.

The Runner’s Paradise Inc. Facebook page says to bring a flashlight to the course. Your group could be delayed from joining the mayhem if you don’t have a flashlight. For more information, click here.