Forever a Fashionista: What is fall fashion?


By Maile Sur, staff writer

So it’s fall here in America, but if you live in Hawai’i, you know that “fall” doesn’t technically happen here.

We get one of two drastic weather conditions; beautiful, sunny days, or freezing days full of rain.

For many, living in Hawai’i comes with great advantages. We’re surrounded by water, it’s almost always sunny and we can practically live in a bikini!

But if you’re anything like me, you still crave dressing in the cutest fall outfits, strolling around in your fave Steve Madden Troopa boots, or lounging in your comfy cashmere sweater. Bring on the university jackets and leg warmers!

Fall is my favorite time to dress up! Why, you ask? It’s cold enough to wear the cutest clothes ever, but its not too cold that you’re covered up from head to toe.

This might seem silly since it hardly ever gets cold enough to wear leg warmers or scarves here, but I can always find a reason to wear my favorites of fall fashion.

So what is fall fashion for us locals?

There are a few do’s and don’ts to fall fashion that I MUST make clear.

Let’s start with the don’ts…

  • Please, please, please don’t ever mix brown and black.
  • Make sure your colors match at least a little... We don’t need any walking rainbows around town.
  • Next, don’t wear flare jeans with any boots. Though your mom might look stellar in it, we’re teenagers; rock the skinny’s.
  • Finally, layer light. You don’t need four Eskimo jackets that make you look ten sizes bigger than you are. The lower the layer, the thinner. Work your way out.

As for the do’s…

  • Do wear earthy colors. Whites and tans are my absolute favorites! Especially for us brown beauties — the light colors make our skin look warmer.
  • Also, combat boots and slouch boots are essential to a fall wardrobe! How could you possibly be living without them?
  • Finally, get scarves! Besides being incredibly stylish, they do a ton to keep you warm.

Stores across America have already moved into their cozy fall fashion lines, so get in there and start shopping! Check out stores like Abercrombie and FitchHollisterAmerican Eagle Outfitters, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.

Though fall fashion may not exist in the islands, don’t let that stop your inner fashionista from coming out!  Strut around in your faves, and let fall fashion follow your trends.