Forever a Fashionista: Ugly Christmas sweaters


By Maile Sur, Staff writer

As the holidays roll around again, everyone’s looking for that cozy, cute, comfortable sweater to cuddle up in, but there’s a group out there that goes for the exact opposite.

You guessed it. It’s the comeback of:  The ‘Ugly’ Christmas Sweater.

At the beginning of time, a lot of these sweaters actually looked cute, but somewhere along the way they took a turn for the worse.

Even though they say “the more the merrier,” it’s definitely not the case when it comes to decorating clothes. More snowmen, more buttons, beads, tinsel, poinsettas, holly, and what-have-you. And before you knew it, the “more” became the “ugly.”

One word — ew.

The poor, festive sweater was stashed or given away, never to see the light of a Christmas day again.

But don’t worry, members of the The-More-the-Merrier Club! In our society, we’re all about turnin’ that frown, upside down and making that ugly sweater into something special.

And so, their baaaaack!

Like any craze in America, the obsession for this ugly sweater has skyrocketed!

Families take ugly sweater photos for their Christmas cards. Friends across the nation gather at Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, sometimes as fundraisers. And, of course, since their return, stores everywhere have been putting their own spin on the gaudy outerwear.

I wanted to keep it a little more traditional, so I went rummaging through my mom’s old college sweaters and bell bottoms, and I found my favorite sweater of all time. Yes, gasp, I’m a closet ugly sweater wearer.

Just look at it! It’s a dandy little thing with a snowman on the front. Not anywhere near being comfortable, of course, but definitely a diamond in the rough.

And don’t be discouraged if you think there’s no place to wear your over-the-top creation. Student government has arranged for us to have our own Ugly Christmas Sweater Day next Tuesday, December 17. Keep your eyes peeled for details.

So where do you get one, you ask?

Locally, of course, you can dig through your relatives’ closets or check out thrift stores and garage sales.

Or, you can take your search online for modern versions of the old staple.

Urban Outfitters took the traditional Christmas sweater and spiced it up a bit with their Urban Renewal Vintage Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt for $24. They also modernized the sweater with their Urban Renewal Ugly Holiday Text Sweatshirt for $34. (And if you’re looking for a gift for your other half, they have a men’s Urban Renewal Vintage Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt for $24.)

Check out eBay for hundreds upon hundreds of sweaters. One of my personal faves is the Vintage Ugly Tacky Christmas Santa Claus Tree sweater for only $32.54. The model is just the cherry on top! (Sorry, this one sold while I was writing, but you still gotta check it out.)

Or try any of the ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater websites! A really good one is They have so many to choose from, like the Retro 80’s Bear Ugly Christmas Sweater with Lights. How could you go wrong with lights?

With so many to choose from, you’re bound to find one perfect for you!

Dig deep and let your ugly fashionista lead the way! Happy shopping!