Forever a Fashionista: Athletic Wear


Photo by Maile Sur

By Maile Sur, staff writer

So, my soccer season just ended, and for me that means getting into the gym. I know, ew.

There are so many negatives about going to the gym, I mean, working out, sweating, seeing people, letting people watch you sweat — it’s horrible. But on top of that, you have the added pressure of wearing something cute to work out in.

The solution? Lululemon.

What is Lululemon you ask? It is my absolute fave store for athletic wear. They have everything from sports bras, to tanks, to tights to headbands.

And it’s not just for women! They have men’s athletic wear too! There are hoodies, shorts, pants, socks, everything.

My favorite items include the Energy Bra in Zing Pink Light for $48 and the Astro Pant Regular in Black/Bali Breeze/Fresh Teal for $98.

They both offer great comfort in the gym and are super stylish!

Lululemon also has other cool accessories such as the Fly Away Tamer Headband in Bali Breeze for $12 and the Om For All Bag in Silver Spoon for $118 to carry all of your workout essentials.

For guys, they have the Hardocre Short in Black for $64 and the Core Crew in Black for $98.

If you’re super into working out, but not about the high-end workout attire, check out other sensibly priced options at stores like Forever 21 and Old Navy.

At Forever 21, there are cute items under $15, such as the Crisscross Back Yoga Tee for $10.80 and the Geo Print Yoga Leggings for $12.80.

Old Navy has basics like Compression Capris and Active Seamless Hoodies, each for $24.94.

As for Lululemon, they are a nation-wide company. And lucky for us here in Maui, they have a store in Pāʻia.

So if you’re lagging on your resolution to get fit, head on over to Pāʻia, try on some new gear, and get into the gym! After spending all that money, you just have to show off, and you have the perfect excuse to get active.

Don’t let the Fashionista within you stop at the gym door! Find a new workout to do, and do it in your new Lulu wear! Fashionistas love Lulu!