Beauty Beat: MAC eye shadows


Photo by Faith Owan

This MAC eye shadow single is called “Soft Brown” and is one of the brand’s most popular shades, especially to use as a transition shade.

By Faith Owan, news writer

A quality eye shadow product is truly a diamond to find. Go to any drugstore, and you’ll discover that there’s pretty much a never-ending array of eyes shadows: palettes, singles, pigments, mattes, shimmers…not to mention all the colors available!

From my own experience with eye shadows since I started using them, I’ve learned pretty quickly that it’s easy to be disappointed. Eye shadows can have a tendency to flake up, cake up or grease up.

Honestly, when it comes to drugstore eye shadows, there aren’t tons to choose from when than qualify for stellar performance reviews. There are a few brands that have decent eye shadow palettes for sure, but I’ll have to give MAC the overall win.

MAC is a high-end makeup brand, so it’s no surprise that it’s known for producing sought-after beauty products. Their eye shadow is especially popular among the sea of other dazzling entities available at the counter of any MAC store or outlet.

MAC eye shadows are my favorite in terms of consistency and color choice. Their pigmentation is the best I’ve experienced so far, and whether you’re getting a matte or shimmer shadow, the product is sure to deliver what it claims. They blend well, and the palettes available are cohesive in their mix-and-match abilities.

My personal favorite shadows to use are “Soft Brown” (a soft brown color, obviously) and “Naked Lunch,” which is a shimmery, creamy white shade. I think this color combo is to die for, and it’s perfect for a casual, everyday eye shadow look for school.

I use “Naked Lunch” all over my lid, and apply it with a flat MAC 242 brush. After that, I use my fluffy MAC 217 brush to blend “Soft Brown” into the crease, which adds definition to my eyes and balances the lightness of the first shadow. I also use “Naked Lunch” to highlight the bottom of my eyebrows and the inner corners of my eyes to make them look more awake.

For an eye shadow single at MAC, the cost is $16.00 for a 1.5-gram container. Spending that much for a single eye shadow color might seem a bit ridiculous, but trust me, it’s worth it. I use my MAC eye shadows all the time, in fact, almost every day. And I still have plenty of the product left in the few containers I have.

So go out and get yourself a couple of these babies. If you’re looking for some seriously sassy shades for your eyes, MAC is the way to go!