Reel Simple: Peanuts and popcorn

Charlie Brown on the big screen


Photo by "The Peanuts Movie" Official Facebook Page

From the Sunday comics to big screen, join Charlie Brown and the gang for the classic “Peanuts Movie.” Now playing in theaters.

The Peanuts Movie comes out today! I think this time he’s finally gonna kick that football.

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Friday, November 6, 2015

The Peanuts Movie Official Facebook Page

Some may know him as Chuck, Charles, and even Blockhead, but he is more commonly referred to as good ol’ Charlie Brown. The Peanuts Movie arrived in theaters on Friday, Nov. 6, and brought with it many familiar faces, humor, and nostalgia for the original comics.

The original Peanuts comic was created by Charles Schulz and first appeared in papers on Oct. 2, 1950, and has since been a regular in the daily newspaper, as well as the ever-so-popular Sunday comics.

The Peanuts Movie follows the never-dull days of the persistent and oftentimes pessimistic Charlie Brown as he tries to make a good impression on the little red-haired girl that recently moved in across the street. But knowing Charlie Brown, things don’t exactly go smoothly.

My favorite part of The Peanuts Movie was its incorporation of the original comics into the movie. Scenes like Charlie Brown on the pitcher’s mound and Snoopy in the Red Baron were iconic images that ran in the newspapers way back when.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the nostalgic, gag-based humor that only true Peanuts fans will appreciate.

The first scene opens to a snowy morning as the gang, Shermy, Rerun, Eudora, Sally, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Frieda, Marcie, Franklin, Violet, and Pig-Pen, call out, “Hurry up, Charlie Brown!” because, as always, he is the last to arrive. Then they head to the frozen lake to ice-skate and play a game of hockey because if they’re not playing football or baseball, it’s gotta be hockey.

While the others–including Snoopy and Woodstock–are having fun on the ice, Charlie Brown decides that today is the day that he will finally fly a kite. But try as he might, he just cannot seem to get the kite in the air and ends up causing a huge ruckus. It is then that they notice a moving van across the street and go to scope out the scene.

They discover that a little red-haired girl is moving into the house across from Charlie Brown, and he is determined to turn over a new leaf and make a good impression on her; however, right after saying so, he causes yet another disaster to happen.

Will Charlie Brown ever be able to impress the little red-haired girl? Or will he be forever labeled as a useless blockhead? Find out for yourselves and watch the all-new Peanuts Movie in theaters today.

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