Are Warriors ready for homecoming?

Spirit week can only be what you make it


Photo by Brianne Reformina

Freshmen stand ready for the next event at Monday’s pep rally. Poor pacing, a tricky sound system, and uninterested students resulted in many of these wait-and-see moments and marred the kick-off gathering.

Editorial: Kamehameha Schools Maui’s Warriors should work together with the student government officers and advisers to improve the quality of spirit week. They should consider that in order to get the most out of spirit week, it is essential to get rid of the “too cool for school” attitude and start getting involved.

The pep rally Monday was organized by the student government officers, and although there were some highlights, such as the nice posters and the party music, it still seemed somewhat disorganized.

The lack of organization, the lack of leadership, the lack of preparation was all evident in the poorly placed seating, the long silences, the slack jaws and glazed looks, and the team captains completely unprepared when they were called upon to represent their sports.

Based on everything that we witnessed, we can’t help but wonder: Did the student government officers have the proper guidance while planning the pep rally? Were there any more teachers or advisers that could have provided support?

Many students do appreciate the efforts of the Associated Students of Kamehameha Schools Maui officers and their adviser, but how can we students help provide that extra needed support for them?

One word comes to mind – SPIRIT!

The student body president spoke about the pep rally, and she remained hopeful as she looked toward the week ahead.

“The kids are definitely starting to show spirit. They just need a little more confidence in themselves. [The pep rally] was okay, it could have gone better. There was a lack of spirit, but I could see the sophomores feeding off of each other’s energy. As [a student council] we would like the school to do that as well,” she said.

Students could be heard complaining about why spirit week is “junk,” but it is only that way because of their attitude toward it. Actions such as standing up during the school’s fight song can make a huge difference and show the respect that the song deserves.

This week is a chance to unite all students and come together to support our football team as they get ready for the big homecoming game.

All classes can still use help with their floats and banners. Help is always needed at the carnival, and the kickball teams would love to hear their classmates cheer them on at lunch time. There is still time to create costumes instead of just wearing your regular clothes.

Now is the time to start working together to create a spirit week that is filled with pride and fun memories.

Warriors, you must be willing to take these measures to create a spirit week that is unforgettable; if you don’t, then you will only get the spirit week that you create–or don’t create, as the case may be.