Warriors conquer Farmers


Sophomore outside hitter Kainalu Kealoha pushes one past the Moloka’i Farmers at Ka’ulaheanuiokamoku Gym March 18, 2011. The Warriors won 3-2.

By Alyssa McAlinden, Sports writer

The final set ended with Warrior fans cheering wildly at Kamehameha Maui’s high school gym.  The Warriors boys volleyball team had another win on Friday March 18, 2011, against the Moloka’i Farmers. 

With two upperclassman starters missing, the younger Warriors pulled together to achieve this win under the leadership of senior Corbin Iaea.

The Warriors were behind through the first half of the first set, but turned the tables when the score reached 13-13 and went on to win 26-24. 

In the next set, the Farmers led all the way, until the Warriors tied the score at 23-23, then ended with a come-from-behind win, 25-23.

The Farmers won the next two sets after their ladies softball team came together to show their support and cheered on the team.  The third set ended 25-21 with the Farmers leading the entire set. 

6’5″ Moloka’i junior BraHunSon Kaai contributed largely to the Farmers’ success and the tight games. As middle blocker he racked up the saves and kills, giving the Warriors a run for their money at the net.

“We played with heart,” he said. “Whatever we had, we laid it out there. We pushed through for all the triumphs we had tonight.”

The Farmers led through the first half of the fourth set until the Warriors tied it up 13-13, but the set ended in the Farmers’ favor, 25-21.

“We were missing some players and had to have our second players step up and fill the void.  We worked really hard to fill those spots,” Coach Robert Brede said.

The team’s added effort paid off in the end with the Warriors leading in the first half of the fifth and final set.  The Farmers caught up and tied the score 9-9, but the Warriors prevailed with a final set score of 15-13.

Senior Corbin Iaea and sophomores Kekoa Uyechi, Kainalu Kealoha, and Kawelau Yen were great assets in tonight’s win.

“It was alright, we won the first two. When we got to the fifth set it got pretty sketchy,” Iaea said,  “but we overcame and won in the end.”