KS Maui Warriors boys basketball goes 0-3 against Nā Aliʻi


Junior Luke Batoon pushes the ball toward the basket in an away game against King Kekaulike High School, February 2, 2012. Nā Aliʻi won, 45-27.

By Reid Cairme, Features

The KS Warriors lost their final boys basketball match-up with Nā Aliʻi on February 2, 2012, at the King Kekaulike gym. The score was 45-27. It was the Warriors’ third loss to King Kekaulike in this season.

“I think we gave a lot of effort,” sophomore Erin Lindsey said.

Both teams played heavily on defense, the first two points being scored by King Kekaulike three and a half minutes into the first quarter. The Warriors Kolby Ah Sau quickly responded scoring two points, tying the Warriors and Nā Aliʻi. Junior Kamaka Keawekane followed up with a free throw, earning another point for the Warriors. This was the only time the Warriors were ahead.

With only five seconds left on the first quarter clock, KKHS scored a three-point shot, giving them a two-point lead against the Warriors.

“I think that both teams struggled early,” King Kekaulike Coach Bill Naylor said. “Kamehameha’s team is young just like us.”

Quarter one ended 5-3.

The second quarter started with two free throw shots made by Nā Aliʻi. Erin Lindsey scored an additional two points for the Warriors soon after. He and Luke Batoon were the only ones who scored and made free throws this quarter,  putting up additional points for the Warriors.

This quarter was also filled with fouls called on the Warriors. Parents and fans were noticing it too and calling out to the referees.

“It seemed like it was one-sided.” Coach Chad Kalehuawehe said. “Like we were receiving fouls and they weren’t. When many fouls are called, our confidence falls and the momentum of the game shifts against us. This can make or break a game, but a foul is a foul, and I can’t grumble.”

The second quarter ended 13-21, the Warriors scoring only 10 additional points while Nā Aliʻi began to pull away with 16.

A little over a minute into the third quarter, Lindsey scored two points for the Warriors and scored two free throw shots soon after. Most of the third quarter was dominated by Nā Aliʻi who were able to bring their score up to 31 before Luke Batoon made a free throw shot for the Warriors.

Quinn Kihune scored as well in third quarter, bringing the Warriors up another 2 points.

With 22 seconds on the clock, King Kekaulike scored another two points, but so did Erin Lindsey with one second left.

The quarter ended 21-33, King Kekaulike continuing to lead the Warriors.

Within two minutes into the fourth quarter, Nā Aliʻi were able to score twice against the Warriors. Keawekane scored two points for the Warriors a minute later.

The Warriors only scored six points while Nā Aliʻi scored 10 points before Coach Kalehuawehe switched the entire team out with a 1:40 left in the game, this included junior Aydan Lopes who had been out almost the entire season due to an injured knee.

“It felt good to be back in,” he said. “I wish I would’ve gotten more playing time, but I expected not to because I missed most of the season.”

The fourth quarter ended 27-45, Nā Aliʻi winning by 28 points.

“I told the boys that like a boxer, if you’re hit and you fall, do you get back up?” Coach Kalehuawehe said. “My point is that we can rise up against adversity and will strive to power through it and win.”

The Warriors play the Baldwin Bears at Kaʻulaheonuiokamoky Gym on Saturday, February 4, at 6 pm. This will also be senior night for Alika Sanchez and Daylan Machado.

Last night’s game was also the senior night for Nā Aliʻi.

When asked about his departing seniors, Coach Naylor said, “They are really great kids. I will miss them.”

The Nā Aliʻi also have a game against the Lahainaluna Lunas this Saturday. They say that they will be practicing hard and will strive to win.