KSM boys volleyball: Warrior spirit emerges against Bears


Junior Kawelau Yen hits the ball over the net at the KS gym on April 5, 2012 in a game against the Baldwin Bears. The Warriors lost three of the four sets, bringing them to 1-7 this season.

By Reid Cairme, Features Writer

The KS Warriors boys volleyball team lost three of four sets to the Baldwin Bears on Thursday, March 5, 2012, at the KS gym, but the Warriors got their licks in, too, winning the third set and making many kills throughout the night.

The Bears are currently ranked second in the Maui Interscholastic League, 4-2, behind the undefeated Na Ali’i of King Kekaulike, and the Warriors are in last place with a record of 7-1, so the set win was a treat for fans.

“Kamehameha is a young team,” Baldwin Coach Kalei Houpo said. “We were a little rattled.”

Both teams went point for point at the beginning of the first set. Between them, juniors Christian Martin Chu and Kahiau Andrade made five kills all together in just the first set.

But, the Bears soon gained a lead over the Warriors and had almost doubled their score by half-way through the set.

“We made a lot of mistakes in the first set,” Junior Kekoa Uyechi said.

The first set ended when the Bears swept the Warriors 11 to 25.

“We fought back in the second set,” Warriors Head Coach Robert Brede said.

The Bears were quick to set up an eight-point lead against the Warriors with a score of 3-11.

Just as quickly as the Bears had set up the gap, the Warriors were able to close it. After that, the Warriors kept a two- to three-point gap between them and the Bears until the end.

The Warriors had nine kills this set and one roof by junior Mana Aikala.

“We utilized better strategies,” Uyechi said.

In the end, the Bears won the second set, 21-25, with the Warriors close behind.

“We had the confidence to beat Baldwin,” Junior Kahiau Andrade said. “We felt good.”

The third set began with both teams scoring point for point. The Bears were only able to keep the Warriors one point away for most of the set. The largest gap was 15-20, the Bears leading.

This was when the Warriors made an amazing comeback in the final stretch. The Warriors scored nine points before a service error, giving them the lead 24 to 21.

The Warriors quickly finished it out, winning the third set 25- 21.

Kamehameha Maui took the lead early in the fourth and final set until the final stretch when the Warriors and Bears were tied 21-22. The teams went point for point until the Bears won 24-26.

“We will work on playing defense and passing,” Coach Houpo said.

At last night’s game, Martin Chu returned to playing after being out for two and a half weeks with an injured ankle.

“It feels good to be playing again,” he said.

“Christian played a major role tonight,” Coach Brede said. “He pulled through all sets, even with an injured ankle.”

Christian scored eight kills the entire night. The team was glad he was back to play.

The Warriors aspire to bring the intensity they brought tonight to every game.

“They came out and played volleyball,” Coach Brede said. “They believe they can do it.”

The Warriors will play the Lunas next at the KSM gym on Tuesday, April 10.