13 hours with the Class of 2013


The blue team — sophomores Micah Mossman, Kainalu Kealoha, Davis Neizman, Chris Oka, Mikela Rindlisbacher, Kamalei Warrington, Lindsay Watson and Tori Ching — emerge victorious from the scavenger hunt at the Class of 2013 sleepover, August 29-30.

By Hulali Brown, news writer

The Class of 2013 held their Sophomore Sleepover in the middle school Kahekili gym from Friday, April 29, to Saturday, April 30, from 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M.

Students enjoyed an evening full of activities and sweet goods.

At the start of the event, students strayed from the traditional meal plan and indulged in dessert. Together, they sang Happy Birthday to classmate, Kekoa Uyechi, and ate cake and frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti Kahului.

After dessert, class officers started the scavenger hunt. The hunt was a blur of students dashing from one area to another. In the end, the blue team won Jamba Juice gift cards and bragging rights.

“The scavenger hunt was a mad dash,” sophomore Kayla Purdy said. “We were all red, hot from running.”

Once students recovered, they played a game of Centipede.

Then the pizza arrived and the hungry students dug in.

“I liked how we ate dessert and then pizza,” sophomore Jayna Mateaki said. “I always eat that way.”

After pizza, students were free to play Wii games, participate in ping pong, play  basketball and volleyball and enjoy each other’s company.

“Since our class meeting, we were reminded of how much of a family we are, and I think tonight did us good,” sophomore class historian Mehana Lee said.

Besides the early morning wake up call and lack of sleep, the Class of 2013 had a blast.

Student officers said they are contemplating throwing another sleepover.