Freshmen enjoy old memories, make new ones


Photo by Destinee Murray

The dance floor filled up as the night went on, and everyone had a blast at the freshman banquet, Scarlet Rose, February 22, at Keʻeaumokupāpāiaheahe.

By Destinee Murray, staff writer

The freshman class enjoyed looking through the past at their banquet at Ke’eaumokupāpāiaheahe Dining Hall last night with dancing that got everyone in the spirit.

“We wanted to do something simple, so we decided to use our pictures of all our memories,” class president Kulia Fernandez said.

The dining hall was covered in red, black, and white to emphasize their theme, Scarlet Rose. Balloons were dangling from the ceiling and scattered on the dance floor. Tables were covered in rose petals, chocolate Kisses, Dove chocolate hearts, and chocolate-covered strawberries. The centerpieces were vases with photos of the freshmen from middle school and baby years, and one wall was decorated with baby photos and light strings.

The class government decided to use their class color, red, with black and white because they wanted a simple theme.

They took their own photos, rather than bring in a professional, against a background set they put together themselves. The set consisted of leafless trees covered in fake snow and covered with hearts and lights.

“It was well put together and it was fun,” Emily Kane said. Kane was one of the few girls who were first on the dance floor. She said she also loved the food and chocolate.

Dani’s Catering catered the food with a menu of salad, rice, noodles, teriyaki beef, mochiko chicken, and breaded fish. Refreshments were water and pineapple punch with strawberries from Kula Country Farms.

Students were invited to participate in three fun challenges, although it was hard to get volunteers. Three students competed in Cookie Face, and there was a gummy bear challenge where students had to dance with gummy bears stuck to their faces.

They also had their version of Chubby Bunny. One students stuffed their mouths with three marshmallows then said a song title to their partners. The partners had to guess what the other was saying. Quinn Shiraishi and Makai Mossman won with Shiraishi noting, “It’s only three marshmallows, I can still talk.”

Dancing was next, but hardly anyone wanted to dance. To kick off the night, DJ Blast of Chilltown Productions started with a dance-off between the boys and girls. The girls won all three rounds due to the boys’ unwillingness to fully participate. They later all lined up to do the Cupid Shuffle together, and the dance floor was full for the rest of the night.

“I’m really happy about the turn-out. Everyone’s having a good time, and that’s all I really wanted, seeing everyone having fun,” Fernandez said.