Freshmen get winter started with thankful banquet


Photo by Kainoa Deguilmo

Freshmen Keoni Rosete and Kaleo-David Deguilmo are thankful for the good food and time with friends at the freshman Thanksgiving banquet on Saturday, Nov. 22.

The freshmen started off their winter with a class banquet in Ke’eaumokupāpa’iahiahi on Saturday, Nov. 22. During the banquet, the students enjoyed an early Thanksgiving with family and friends as they talked about what they’re truly grateful for.

Attendees brought canned food donations as well as Christmas donations for other KS families, and students enjoyed games while eating delicious food.

“I think my favorite part was definitely the games we played,” Keoni Rosete said.  “It was also super to see all my friends outside of school.” Rosete won a flashlight from playing one of the games.

Another game consisted of passing a gift around, and whomever had it when the music stopped playing won the gift.

Ms. Benita Deguilmo, who helped plan and coordinate the event, was the master of ceremonies for the night.

“Tonight, it was really great to see new faces and people we never met previously. I also appreciated all the delicious food and donations that the families brought,” she said. “It was really fun to give away gifts and prizes to all the families that came.”

Before dinner, she had families sit together and talk about what they were grateful for.

“I’m just very grateful for all my family and friends,” Rosete said.

Ms. Deguilmo said, “I did that, because life is busy, and we don’t often take the time to reflect on the things that we’re blessed with.I loved it when families gathered together and expressed gratitude for one another.”

She was one of a group of parents who headed up the event. Another was Ms. Cindy Garcia.

“Tonight it was really nice to see the family gathering,” she said. “As for me, I’m truly grateful for my family and friends.”