Seniors embrace theme at last formal


Photo by Faith Owan

Kristian Gilliland and Ionatana Tua lead the way in the “Electric Boogie” by Marcia Griffith at the Senior Ball held at Keōpūolani Hale, March 14, 2015.

The senior class of 2015 enjoyed their last formal event Saturday night, March 14, at Keōpūolani Hale, under the theme “We are Tonight.”

“[It means] live every night like it’s the last night,” senior Chanel Browne said.

The seniors made the most of their time at the ball, filling up the dance floor and bringing a lot of energy to the evening. Besides showing off their moves, guests to the event ate, took pictures, watched a senior broadcast, and played games.

There were a lot of aspects of the event to enjoy, but senior Sydney Nadine Gilbert thought the broadcast was the best.

“I always like the broadcasts. It’s just nice to see that they put so much effort into it,” Gilbert said.

The guests were looking their best.

“I think everyone looks really beautiful, and I want to cry because our guys don’t look as hot all the time,” Browne said. “They look really good tonight.”

The night was filled with fun, but it was also a time for some seniors to reflect.

“It’s really sentimental. I just feel like we went through a lot together, and we came a long way…it’s kind of cool where we are right now because when we were freshmen we were a lot different,” Lopaka-Titus Kealiinohomoku said.

The class of 2015 lived it up at their senior ball and were able to leave with fond memories of time spent with classmates.

“It’s been good; it’s been fun. I like talking to my friends, hanging out, it’s a good closing,” Mikayla Lau said. “It’s going to be a memorable one.”