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The second event of Spring Spirit Week was dodgeball between the classes which ended with the Junior class coming in first place.

Juniors throw, catch, dodge for first place

January 31, 2017

On the second day of Spring Spirit Week, the Associated Students of Kamehameha Maui organized an intense game of dodgeball between the classes. Each class was fighting for the top award of 750 points.

The first classes to play were the seniors and juniors, and the sophomore/freshmen game followed. The winners would play each other for the first-place title, and the other two teams would play for the third-and fourth-place points.

The class in second place would receive 625 points, third would get 500, and fourth place, 375.


Photo by Deven Aruda

The juniors won the first game of dodgeball, which was between them and the seniors.

Juniors overtake Seniors

The first game, between the juniors and seniors, started with a hitch when the junior team was almost disqualified for not having their team there on time. However, the five-minute game began shortly after everything was sorted out.

For the day’s games, a small portion of the quad was sectioned off with cones and there were four balls in the middle.

When the referees yelled “go,” the junior team quickly rushed to the middle and grabbed all the balls. Both teams dodged the advances of the other team.

As the game came to an end, the juniors realized they were in the lead because they had more team members still standing, so they held the balls to run down the clock, winning against the seniors.


Photo by Deven Aruda

Freshman Samuel Ostermiller beams a ball at sophomore players in a match that the freshmen won.

Freshmen beat Sophomores

Sophomore Dana Bui gets close to the dividing line before getting a freshman out.
Photo by Deven Aruda
Sophomore Dana Bui gets close to the dividing line before getting a freshman out.

The second game was between the sophomores and the freshmen. In the end, the freshmen won getting them closer to taking the 750-point prize.

Freshman player Owen Siminski said,”The dodgeball game was fun, and I think that there should be more activities like that during the school year.”

The match started slowly with both teams being wary. They deliberated about whether or not to bean each other. However, as the match progressed, the freshmen got aggressive.

The Sophomores fought to the end, but the Freshmen fought harder by getting out almost all of the sophomore players.



Photo by Deven Aruda

Senior Cade Harris dodges the ball in an intense game which the Seniors came in third.

Seniors defeat Sophomores

In the third game at lunch, the senior dodgeball team beat the sophomores for the third-place title.

Senior Ka'elo Lindsey beams a ball to get a freshman out.
Photo by Deven Aruda
Senior Ka’elo Lindsey beams a ball to get a freshman out.

The game started with the sophomores eagerly rushing for the balls, and the seniors coolly hanging in the back.

As the game progressed, the senior players deftly dodged and caught the balls and turned them on the sophomores,  which is why there were only two sophomore players left on the quad, desperately trying to dodge before time ran out.

This game, unlike the first two, was seven minutes long dragging out the game even more.

It ended when the last sophomore was hit with a ball, putting the sophomores in fourth for this event and getting them 375 points.


Photo by Deven Aruda

The second day of Spring Spirit Week ended with the junior team beating the freshmen for first place in dodgeball. At the end of the match, the players all congratulated each other on a great game.

Juniors take first for dodgeball

In the final game of dodgeball, the juniors came out on top, beating the freshmen.

The large crowd of dodgeball supporters cheered as the classes competed for first.
Photo by Deven Aruda
The large crowd of dodgeball supporters cheered as the classes competed for first.

The seven-minute game was heated as both classes wanted to acquire the bragging rights and the points that came with the win.

A large crowd gathered eagerly, waiting to see if their class would win.

One crowd member, junior Jadelyn Carillo, said,”It was intense and amazing to watch.”

The game was aggressive from start to finish as the teams beaned balls non-stop. When the last freshman was hit, the game ended, and the juniors got the 750-point award. The freshmen got 625 points.

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