Personality Profile: Mathilde Meier

February 15, 2015


Mathilde Meier smiles while up at Haleakalā

For the past week our friendly brothers and sisters of Tahiti have been sharing their cultural experience with us on the Maui campus through various workshops such as, hala weaving, tapa (kapa) making, and tattoo designs, just to name a few.

With over 40 students traveling from Samuel Raapoto High School, all enrolled in art classes, we wanted to go more in depth and learn about some of the individuals, how they like their trip so far, and what life is like in Tahiti.

I got a chance to talk with one of the girls, Mathilde Meier, known as Mat (pronounced “Mutt”). She is currently 18 years old and said she is having the experience of her life while being housed by senior Brissa Christophersen on Maui.

Meier was born and raised in Tahiti, with three little sisters. She says it’s different there, but there are a lot of similarities to Maui. For instance, within their art school, there are multiple classes to take such as the ones in our art academy.

“[My favorite classes are] the art and history of art classes because we learn lot of things about art, and I love it,” she said.

Like most high school students, Meier is looking into furthering her education in college or art school. She has settled on the particulars yet, but says there are a “lot of choices, maybe Paris in France or Australia for study art design,” she said.

You might be thinking…France? Why so far? Well, Tahiti’s first language is actually French just as English is ours, so studying art in France as a Tahitian is not as big a stretch as one would think.

Most Maui students love to hang out with family and friends, and Meier is no different.  Her favorite thing to do with family and friends: “Go to the beach or make the party,” she said.

Meier said she enjoys the island of Maui. “The place to be [is] really really perfect and wonderful,” she said.

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