It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Ah, the Charlie Brown cartoons. These classic shows are clever, funny, entertaining, get that catchy tune stuck in our heads, and sometimes even teach a moral. This Halloween special is only 25 minutes, but it packs a punch in its limited screen time. The familiarity of this show and the skillful capturing of the very essence of Halloween is what makes this cartoon so memorable–and so lovable.

It might not be scary, but the tone of this episode can really bring the spirit of Halloween, and it’s family friendly, so you can watch it with your little siblings!

In the show, Linus’ belief in the mythical Great Pumpkin (the equivalent of Santa Claus, but for Halloween) keeps him in the pumpkin patch on Halloween night, faithfully awaiting this magical holiday figure. He convinces Sally to stay with him, but once she’s fed up with waiting, she goes off to join in the festivities with the rest of the gang, including Charlie Brown, Lucy, and of course, Snoopy. Will Linus ever finally come face-to-face with the Great Pumpkin?



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