8 steps for successful binge watching

December 21, 2015

Binge watching takes the some preparation and tools to make it worth your while. Below are 8 steps to a successful binge-watching marathon.

1. Shorts over pants, always. Wear shorts, not pants. Patrick Varone at Harper’s Bazaar swears by this. He recommends something loose fitting that can breathe, and he says to make sure it has elastic. This helps with the next step…

Shorts over pants, always.
Photo by 90sFASHIONGAL.TUMBLR.COM via giphy.com

2. Snacks, not meals. Stock your refrigerator with all kinds of snacks and drinks. Binge-watching usually doesn’t go well with real meals, so stick to things that come in bags and packages. Pack comfort food for those drama series.

Snacks, not meals
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3. Lights off, movies on. Close the blinds, sunshine and binge-watching don’t work well together. Be careful when opening them afterward. Open them slowly to avoid giving your eyes and body sun-shock.

Lights off, movies on
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4. Get comfy before you begin. Get all the pillows and blankets you could possibly need, and put them next to you. The better you stock up, the less you have to leave during your marathon.

Get comfy before you begin







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5. Once you’re hot, you’re uncomfortable. If needed, arrange your fan in the perfect position and remember to keep the remote next to you.

Once you're hot, you're uncomfortable, setting a fan up before will avoid that.
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6. You don’t want to get homework texts in the middle of your episode. Put your phone on airplane mode to avoid those useless and time-wasting text messages from your mom and your friends. The dishes can wait, Mom, I’m busy here.

Wouldn't want to get homework texts in the middle of your episode.
Photo by WWW.GIFBAY.COM via giphy.com

7. If the laptop dies, everyone cries. If you’re watching your binge session on a device that could die, be proactive and grab the charger before you start. Rid yourself of any unnecessary interruptions.

Trust me, once the laptop dies, you might cry.
Photo by DAILYDOT.TUMBLR.COM via giphy.com

8. Don’t forget to turn off your alarm. You never know how long you’ll be awake and watching, and at 7 a.m., you might just be getting to the most most exciting part of the season.

Don't forget to turn off your alarm so it doesn't interfere. Who knows what time you'll be up?

Now, pick a worthy show with at least 3 seasons to watch and begin your marathon. Happy Binging!

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