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Junior Jaye-lyn Orikasa checks Twitter during class. “We all do it.” she said. With so much to say and so little time to say it, texters have come to rely on shortcuts and acronyms to save time and thumb energy. In this article, we have a little fun with it.

‘Been around the world, [do YOU] speak the language?’

What do your acronyms say about you?

March 17, 2014

Editorial Cartoon by Destinee Murray
Editorial Cartoon by Destinee Murray


I couldn’t help thinking of the Jason Derulo lyrics “been around the world, don’t speak the language” when I wrote this because there’s a new language around.

You all use it, and there’s no sign of it dying out anytime soon.

This is the language of acronyms used in the everyday practice of texting.

Take a look at some of the commonly used ones in the lists below.

Judging by these two lists, where do you fall? Is your “text talk” in desperate need of an upgrade, or are you savvy with the latest terms? Let us know in the comments!

Old School

  1. OMG – oh my God
  2. LOL – laughing out loud
  3. JK – just kidding
  4. ASAP – as soon as possible
  5. BTW – by the way
  6. ILY – I love you
  7. IDK – I don’t know
  8. GTG /G2G – I have to go/I got to go
  9. BRB – be right back
  10. NP – no problem
  11. WBU – what about you?
  12. NVM – never mind
  13. TMI – too much information


So Cool

  1. HMU – hit me up
  2. IDC – I don’t care
  3. IMO – in my opinion
  4. IRL – In real life
  5. TBH – to be honest
  6. SMH – shaking my head
  7. KK – okay
  8. LMK – let me know
  9. JSYK – just so you know
  10. JS – just saying


These are the most common ones we could come up with our savvy selves that aren’t completely ridiculous (like WDALYC  or “who died and left you in charge?”) You know, some things are just better spelled out.

Just for fun, click the PLAY button below and take our silly quiz on some of the weirder acronyms floating around.

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This chapter was written by Jaylin Kekiwi.

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