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Having trouble finding your way around school? Don’t know why you can’t seem to finish all your work and enjoy yourself throughout the school day? Never fear! Your school life guide is here to help you survive through this school year whether it’s your first or last.

As a senior at Kamehameha Schools Maui, I have been through many challenges. Oh yeah, I forgot! I also got into this school as a freshman! So, having to learn how to get around this new campus was a struggle, but don’t worry; I won’t leave you to figure it out on your own.

This campus and the students and staff who inhabit it are truly amazing. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you’re in trouble.

As a newbie to the school, I disliked the way the school ran, with later lunch times, longer classes, and NO BELLS. My chances of having a future in this school seemed to diminish to the size of a termite. At the time, I didn’t bother trying to find my way.

But, I learned that my classmates come through in the clutch by helping me get to my classes on time and teaching me how to learn the new Apple laptop computers. Even teachers would ask how my day went and help me out with my horrific time management skills.

Once you realize that it’s okay to need help and learn to appreciate the life you were blessed with, high school becomes slightly less terrible.

It was in my sophomore year that I smiled for once, realizing that I loved the school, and I became forever indebted to Pauahi. School seemed manageable enough for me to enjoy life while gaining knowledge.

Here’s one fact I learned in sophomore year: tenth grade may be the last time you will have a shred of peace because then, you hit your last two years of high school.

Your junior and senior years are not a bad thing, but they could be if you don’t know how to manage your time and procrastinate, waiting for the due dates to do your homework and projects.

Now, what kind of blogger would I be if I just left you to do that on your own?

Here’s a fact about junior year: if you plan ahead and plan fast, you’ll have an easier senior year (before catching senioritis).

Now, I bet that seems like common sense, like a fact that everyone should know, yet only two or three students in a class seem to know this and have their lives together. Your junior year is when you should strive to not only be on top of your game, but be able to be on your game while enjoying your life.

See! I’m already ranting about the hardships of high school, and this is only the beginning. I just can’t wait for you to start your journey to finishing high school and continuing into the real world with your head in the game.

Even if you’re stressing about Hōʻike Nui or chillin’ through your classes, everyone could use a little advice to not only help them survive high school but be successful in the near future. And I’m here to provide you that extra push so as not to let you fall flat on your face.

If you ever want me to answer specific questions, just leave a comment in the form below (donʻt worry, we wonʻt make it public), and you might see your question answered as a topic in one of my future blogs. Watch for my new blog, “Survive and Thrive,” every other Wednesday.

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