Don’t let the haze fog up your days.

Aaron’s Adventures: Abrupt

Everything around you is determined by how you perceive it.

Lil’ Aaron was always an adventurer-er. Ever since he took his first steps, he always wanted to be immersed in nature and to breath in the air of the outdoors.

He strapped on his bright blue boots to go spend some time frolicking in the leaves or stomping in the puddles.

It was this very young child at whom his grandmother yelled: “Get back inside the house before you get sick! It’s raining!”

The constant reminders and the frequent Haʻikū rain left him believing the warning: rain will make you sick.

About 15 years later, he finally took to Google to seek the truth behind this claim.

Entered: Can you really get sick from being out in the rain?

Google’s response: No.

Looks like good ol’ granny has been wrong all my life…still love you though, Grans.

Recently a large rain cloud seemed to swallow up the blue skies above the whole island of Maui.

Thunderstorms rumbling, lightning striking, and the rain, a downpour.

When it comes to weather like this, many crave staying in bed and catching up on binge-watching Netflix series; however, moody weather doesn’t only make you lazy, it also makes you feel down, and gloomy is never happy.

You see, just because the weather isn’t joyful doesn’t mean you don’t have to be either. With the rainy season here, don’t let the clouds prevent you from having jovial days.

After our return to school from one abrupt day off, the weather was typically rainy. Cloudy, foggy, drizzling, and a whole load of gray.

Driving home after school, I took some time to admire the greyscale beauty and decided that I am not going to let this weather force me home to snuggle under blankets.

Instead, I called up a friend, and we took off for an adventure–to the coastline!

Although it may not seem like it, this weather is actually ideal for a trip to the beach.

The waves roll in with the thunder, the white of the shore break strikes the sand, and the downpour brings out your inner child.

At first we were just going to go to admire the view, but that didn’t quite happen. The 60 degree weather  drew us into the water.

In the long run, rain is just one of the little things in life that people don’t really take advantage of.

Think about it this way, how often do we get this type of weather in sunny Hawaiʻi?

So go on, frolic in the rain, splash in the puddles, enjoy a long run down the beach. Do it like they do in the movies, and don’t worry if it seems cliché. That’s the best.

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