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Aaron’s Adventures: Accompany

Freedom, oh sweet freedom, Hō’ike Nui is over!

The years of preparing for Nov. 9 hav finally concluded with our presentations.

In all honesty though, I didn’t really experience the feeling of “bricks being lifted off my shoulders”; to me it really felt like any other day.

I do have to admit though, I did have a brief moment of worry right before presenting, but other than that, I didn’t really experience the “Hōʻike Panic.”

Hōʻike Panic: (n.) the feeling of massive stress overload. Consists of overreacting, stumbling dialogue, nail biting, and  copious sweat dripping. Synonyms: Near-Death Experience.

Although I didn’t have it, that doesn’t mean that my class didn’t. Many of them recovered from the Panic, however, after all presentations were done and you could clearly see on their faces signs of relief.

This feeling of completion can only be dealt in on way, a class celebration.

Ka Papa Lama, before their senior presentations
Ka Papa Lama, before their senior presentations

Closer than ever, Ka Papa Lama had a celebratory gathering at Mākena State Beach Park right after presentations.

This gathering included us taking a much-needed break by soaking up the sun, swimming or surfing in the water, and, most importantly, catching up with one another.

The weekend was our first open weekend in awhile, and it was also a four-day weekend, so we decided to push our celebration a little bit longer.

I guess you could say it was this weekend where my class realized how much time with one another is dwindling.

The following day a few classmates of mine hosted another class event, a BBQ at Wahikuli Wayside Park.

Turnout for both events was amazing and actually quite surprising.

Although bittersweet, it’s always a great time when I’m accompanied by my classmates, friends, and Hōʻike Nui survivors, my Ka Papa Lama.

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