Survive and Thrive opens up about dealing with last-minute attempts to bring grades up and prepare for the Christmas season.

Survive and Thrive: Three weeks of damage control

Happy belated Thanksgiving to everyone and their families! I hope every one of you had a great four-day weekend, but let’s cut to the chase: the first semester is almost done, and the stress is piling up more rapidly than you’d like.

Just when you thought this second quarter had just begun, it’s coming to an end, and you’re still trying to catch up on the days you missed.

Never fear! You’re not the only one who’s struggling, and it’s okay. I’ll try my best to help you through these last three weeks in getting those grades up and even how to enjoy yourself during this Mele Kalikimaka season.

First off, let’s take a look at the weeks coming:

Notice how there are very few days until a week of finals, which lands before the week of Founder’s Day.

Now, don’t start stressing or planning your all-nighters yet because there’s a way to get through each week and finish this second quarter off better than how you started.

Step 1: Break those habits

Many of you have those bad habits, where you turn on your computer and have plans of what you’re going to do but you go to YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, or any music site and next thing you know, you’re watching how to: DIY Christmas gifts. There’s no shame in knowing you do that but it needs to stop right now, or you’re not going to get anywhere.

If you do need to listen to something, I suggest music instrumentals with no words. It allows you to focus and keep your mind on the task at hand.

Step 2: Write it all down

This is common sense. You need to write down every assignment and final that’s coming in the next few weeks so that you can plan your study and work days. This may seem stressful at first but once you know the work that needs to be done, you’ll rethink procrastinating.

Step 3: Stay positive

Negativity is cancer to your mind. Don’t let it affect you and your work. Think positive things such as, “I’m almost done, just these few touches, and I can relax,” or,”This is actually easy if I do it this certain way.” Everything you think, say or do affects how you work, so stay positive, even if it’s that really hard science class.

Step 4: Set goals, and don’t give up

Set a goal for yourself! In one hour, if you wrote at least the introductory and first body paragraph of your paper, you can watch an episode of Riverdale. These reasonable goals you set for yourself motivate you to do your work, and you’ll feel good when you can finally say, “I’ve accomplished my goal(s)!”

Following these little steps will encourage you to finish this first semester off strong.

Maybe think of it this way: the harder you work, the more time flies, and soon enough, you’ll have that much-needed break that you’ve worked for in the last few weeks.

Now, stop regretting what you didn’t do in the past and keep moving into the future, making those changes you need to finish this 2017 year off right!

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