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Freshman Kihaapi’ilani Kahalehau competes in the Moa Pahe’e game against his classmates. Haumāna within their papa competed against one another to place first and move on to the final round against the other classes.

Makahiki: Kūkahi event winners announced

After the opening ceremony of the makahiki season presented by Kumu Henohea Kāne’s class, kula ki’eki’e quickly jumped into the competition portion of the daily lunchtime activities.

The daily games began with Ka Papa ‘Iliahi, the freshman class. On Monday, Nov. 6, the freshmen went against their classmates in several makahiki games.

During the 30-minute time frame, several intra-class game competitions and ‘ano koa matches were held, all monitored by haumāna from Kumu Kalei Aarona-Lorenzo’s class.

Each event was tournament based, resulting in one overall winner for each game.

The winners for each class are:

Ka Papa ʻIliahi:
ʻUlu Maika: ʻIokepa Kan-Hai and Keʻala Ching
Moa Paheʻe: Alec Tolentino
Haka Moa: Taylor Arashiro-Mamuad and Kalena Wojcieski
Pā Uma and Uma: Cruz Braun and Nānea Ripani.

Ka Papa Wauke:
ʻUlu Maika: Ka’eo Pedroza-Kanemitsu and Madison Kamakana
Moa Paheʻe: Ross Panlasigui and Jerriah Solomon
Haka Moa: Ezekial Weber and Jerriah Solomon
Pā Uma: Kaililipuhanoha Palakiko and Logan Spencer
Uma: Creighton Purdy and Janae-Mika Kahahane.

Ka Papa ʻAʻaliʻi:
ʻUlu Maika: Lee Franco and Taylor Lee
Moa Paheʻe: Duke Kubota and Healani Tolentino
Haka Moa: Brennan Mendez and Kayleen Lau
Pā Uma: Shaston Fucal-Kanuha and Kayleen Lau
Uma: Zachary Murayama and Healani Tolentino.

Ka Papa Lama:
ʻUlu Maika: Kayce Mercado and Brianne Reformina
Moa Paheʻe: Noa Vierra and Ashley Peralta
Haka Moa: Justin Shiffler and Brylee Carillo
Pā Uma: Nainoa Purdy and Shaylisse Gregory
Uma: Triston Santos and Kaylee Cambra.

The overall winners will represent their papa against other papa winners and schools at the all-day event to be held Nowemapa 22.

“We invited other schools including Lahainaluna, KS Scholars and are still hearing back from a few, but those schools are going to come here on the 22nd and are going to compete like how they did the other year,” Kumu Lucas Kēhau said.

This year, there isn’t a Pō’alima ‘Ula’ula, meaning haumāna will still have classes on this competition day; however, with teacher approval, haumāna are more than welcome to come watch and support the competitions.

Though the competitions may seem over, they are absolutely not!

Now that each class has had the opportunity to compete in the kūkahi events, this week will begin the competitions for the ho’ohui events, starting with the pōhaku ‘ikaika match tomorrow during lunch.

Stay tuned for more updates as the month goes by and to see who will be the overall ‘Ano Koa!

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