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Kayla and Lauren Kanemitsu as Dr. Seuss-inspired Thing 1 and Thing 2. Too unoriginal!

Opinion: Scrap the crummy costumes

No more uncreative, overused, unoriginal clothes passed off as Halloween costumes!

October 26, 2014

The older we get, the busier we get. That’s just life. Busy schedules lead to last-minute plans… and last-minute costumes. Needless to say, our costumes don’t always come out as creative or extravagant as they should.

In most years, Halloween inconveniently falls on a week day. We trick-or-treaters are rushed into figuring out what to wear while we’re also trying to pay attention in class, get our homework done, and, most important, Instagram!

So, I agree that coming up with costumes is not easy. They have to be cheap, easy, and unique.

The problem is that lately it seems as if no one wants to put much thought or effort into dressing up for Halloween. They say they’re too busy; I say theyʻre too lazy. It’s been getting out of hand.

Dressing up in uncreative, overused, unoriginal Halloween costumes must stop!

Specifically, strike these five clunkers off your list.

The Minnie

First off, we have the Minnie Mouse, or in other words, the teenage girls’ go-to Halloween costume. The Walt Disney character probably never thought that her famous ears would end up being so overused. A simple polka dot top, red bottoms and you’re good to go. But where’s the creativity? And, no, using the pink version of her ears is not any more creative.

Minnie Mouse: Mahea Beesing
Minnie Mouse: Mahea Beesing

The Hippie

Next up are the hippies! A headband, tie-dye shirt, fun pants, shorts or just jeans, and a peace accessory. People, please, nothing is more unoriginal than dressing as a hippie. I agree, tie-dye is great and good fun to make to boot, but as a Halloween costume? Really? Let’s stay away from the not-so-funky hippie this year.

Hippy: Hannah Patrick
Hippy: Hannah Patrick

The T-shirt

It’s not only ladies who are guilty of these last-minute costume crimes. Guys, you canʻt just wear a superhero t-shirt and say you are the superhero. The saddest part is the extreme lack of effort involved in coming up with this. Where’s the cape? The shield? The mask? The anything!!! One t-shirt does not make a costume.

Batman: Maikaike English
Batman: Maikaike English

The Thing (no, not the Marvel character)

What is Halloween without a little Dr. Seuss? Iʻm not talking about the Cat in the Hat because even that would be more creative than this way-too-easy, cop out of a costume…Now, I agree, that this could be cute if youʻre a twin, but Thing 1 and Thing 2 are more like Thing 100 and Thing 200 on the Halloween scale of overused costumes. See, here’s the problem: had you gone through the effort to get the blue hair and black pants, the costume might not have made this list,  but a paper cutout of the logo on a red t-shirt is the ultimate in laziness.

Thing 1 and Thing 2: Kayla and Lauren Kanemitsu
Thing 1 and Thing 2: Lauren and Kayla Kanemitsu


Now the final offender: the colorful skin suit. I only have one real question when it comes to these: what are you? A pink skin suit hardly resembles anything. A wad of chewed bubble gum perhaps? Maybe…if you walked around with a school desk on your head…C’mon guys, we can do so much better!

Pink Skin Suit: Kaupena Morando
Pink Skin Suit: Kaupena Morando

Let’s put these predictable, uninspired, and downright tired Halloween costumes to rest! Halloween is this Friday, so start on your costume now before you end up with one of these loser ones. Are you with me?

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