Photo by Kainoa Deguilmo

Jonah Parisea, one of the 40 students to visit from Raapoto High School.

Jonah Parisea: A well-rounded person

February 15, 2015

Jonah Parisea is a senior at Samuel Raapoto High School in Tahiti. He enjoys many different forms of art, enjoys reading and even used to play basketball. He also loves Chinese food.

“I like to do drawings, models, graphic designing, and also ceramics,” Parisea said. “Right now, I like to do sketches,” he said, “later I want to make digital design like on cinemas.”

Parisea said his favorite thing about his school is that it’s mostly focused on art. They have philosophy, math and English, but the rest of their classes are designed to put emphasis on the arts in school. Art classes include drawing, graphics and painting.

When it comes to art, Parisea has his own techniques.

“I just want to improve my skills,” he said. “I also want to create my own style.”

In the art world, one artist he really admires is Joe Madureira or “Joe Mad,” who is an artist at Marvel Comics.

“There’s so much emotion and passion in his work, and that’s why I like it,” Jonah said.

Parisea said he was excited for his trip to Maui. He was one of 40 students to come and visit the campus.

“This is my first time coming to Maui,” he said. “I’m eager to learn about the culture, and I want to talk to anyone who can show me all of the beautiful places here.”

After high school, Parisea said he plans to take a gap year.

“I will take a gap year, which is a time between high school and college when you decide what you want to do,” he said.

The well-rounded Parisea loves art and culture.

“I’m social with everyone,” he said. “I like to take new experiences.”

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