Bears cannot stop Oakland’s momentum

September 30, 2015

The Raiders will continue their winning streak, moving to 3-1 on the season against the Chicago Bears. So far, Oakland has shocked everybody. Their only loss came from Cincinnati, who stomped them.

After that they beat the Ravens. Yes, you heard that right, they beat Joe Flacco and the Ravens, who also have Steve Smith. They followed that win with beating Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland Browns.

The Bears have had a disappointing start to their 2015 season. They are 0-3 and have suffered losses to the Packers in week 1, the Cardinals in week 2, and were shutout by the Seattle Seahawks in week 3, who finally had Kam Chancellor come back.

The Raiders have momentum going for them, and they definitely have the talent this year to be successful. Derek Carr has shown a lot of maturity and progress in his second year as quarterback. If he continues on this track, he will have a bright future.

Oakland also selected former Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper with their first selection of the 2015 NFL draft. He has definitely proven why he was a first round draft pick. As of now, he has 290 yards on 20 catches, is currently averaging 14.5 yards per catch and has one touchdown.

Derek Carr has 726 yards on 57 out of 90 completions. He also has 5 touchdown passes in only 3 games, which is quite impressive.

The Oakland defense has also proven to be worthy, with an excellent pass rush. Khalil Mack is back (so much fun to say) and is a monster on the field. Oakland has also signed ex-49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith (wish San Francisco’d kept him). And of course, Charles Woodson is Charles Woodson. The offense also had good help from Latavius Murray, their running back.

Jay Cutler has not been impressive. He has 345 yards on 26 completions out of 45 attempts. He also has two touchdown passes.

Matt Forte is looking all right, with 276 yards on 59 carries, averaging 4.7 yards per carry.

Martellus Bennet has been looking good. He has 118 yards on 13 catches averaging an impressive 9.1 yards per catch.

The Raiders are on a roll right now, and the Bears aren’t going to be the ones to stop it.

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