Jets will beat Dolphins

September 30, 2015

On Sunday, the speedy offense of the Dolphins will face off against the similar defense of the Jets. The Jets improved to 2-1 with a surprising upset of the Colts 20-7. But they fell their last game to the Eagles 24-17. The Dolphins, who are 1-2, had their first and only win of the season against the Washington Redskins in week 1, lost to the Bills, and also fell to the Jaguars 23-20. On Sunday, I think the Jets will win.

“The Jets…have surprised everyone.”


Both teams are coming off losses and are looking to bounce back. After all, it’s still early in the season. The Dolphins had a lot of hype in the offseason with the (overpriced) signing of former Lions DT Ndamukong Suh, who they gave a $114 million contract to. He has performed well, but he’s not the Savior for the Dolphins.

After a week 1 win, the Dolphins continued to struggle, even losing to the Jaguars, as mentioned above. The Jets, on the other hand, have surprised everyone, and Ryan Fitzpatrick has shown good signs of improvement. The defense has also really stepped up this year.

The offense has shined with Chris Ivory in the backfield providing them with some much-needed run support. The defense forced five turnovers against the Colts, who were expected to beat the Jets.

Geno Smith may be out thanks to a scuffle at practice, but they don’t show any signs of missing him.

While the Dolphins offense may be their strong point, I feel that the Jets defense will prove to be too much, forcing Tannehill to make some mistakes.

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