Corpse Bride

This classic claymation movie from Tim Burton (and co-director Mike Johnson), who is known for his involvement with, creation of, and skillful execution of all things dark and strange, is perfect for Halloween.

The images are captivating–there’s nothing quite like the texture that clay can give–and the storyline is whimsical, spooky, and of course, fun. The dark slant on romance in this movie with the sprinkle of catchy songs, witty humor, and even drama makes this film both entertaining and exactly what you’d expect from a Burton production.

In the movie, the awkward main character Victor has an arranged marriage to the much more graceful Victoria. After messing up constantly in his wedding rehearsals, Victor is determined to get his vows right for his wedding day. He goes off into the woods, where he practices reciting his vows and eventually slides the wedding ring onto a twig as he acts it out. Suddenly, Victor finds that by doing this he has awakened a dead woman who’d been lying there (Why, you ask? Watch to find out!), who ends up dragging him to the underworld. Victor will have to try to find his way back to the living in order to marry his true love Victoria, but how will he convince his corpse bride that he wasn’t making the vow to her?

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