Rams will send Ravens to 2-8

November 21, 2015

The St. Louis Rams will travel to Baltimore to play the Ravens on Sunday, Nov. 22. The Rams are currently 4-5 and are in third place in NFC West. They just came off a brutal loss to Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears, losing 37-13. Baltimore has been really struggling, even with Joe Flacco behind center. They are currently 2-7 and recently lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, 22-20. They are third place in the AFC North.

Nick Foles, former Eagle, leads St. Louis in passing. He has completed 145 out of 256 attempts, wracking up 1678 yards. He has seven touchdown passes on the season so far.

Todd Gurley, rookie running back, has been nothing short of great this past season. Coming out of Georgia, the rookie was recovering from an ACL tear and many weren’t sure how he would do this season; however, the rookie leads the team, replacing the injured Tre Mason with 709 yards on 130 carries. He has five touchdowns on the season and is averaging over five yards per carry.

Kenny Britt leads the team in receiving. Britt has 317 yards on 16 catches, averaging 19.8 yards per catch. He has one touchdown on the season.

Baltimore is led by 2013 MVP Joe Flacco, who beat the 49ers in Super Bowl 47. He has 2,492 passing yards on the season, completing 239 passes out of 369 attempts.

Baltimore is led in rushing by Justin Forsett. Forsett has 615 yards on 147 carries on the season. He is averaging over four yards per carry and has two touchdowns this year.

Steve Smith leads the Ravens in receiving. He has 46 receptions for 670 yards. Smith is averaging 14.6 yards per catch and has two touchdowns on the season.

In this game, I’m taking the Rams. While they came off a harsh loss against the Bears, the Ravens came off a loss to a worse team. Baltimore has really been going downhill this year, and the Rams are still in the hunt, looking for a playoff spot. Todd Gurley will have a great game, and the Rams will advance to 5-5.

Update: Ravens 16, Rams 13

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