Packers stun Lions, improve to 8-4

December 13, 2015

On Thursday, Dec. 3, the Green Bay Packers shocked the Lions with a last minute Hail Mary. The Packers won 33-27. They have improved to 8-4 and are in first place in NFC North. The Lions have fallen to 4-8 and are now in fourth place in NFC North.

The Packers will play on Sunday, Dec. 13, against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are 4-8 and are currently fourth in AFC East.

The Lions will play again on Dec. 13 against the St. Louis Rams. St. Louis has a record of 4-8 and they are in third place in NFC West.

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rogers threw for 273 yards that game, completing 24 out of 36 passes. He had two touchdowns and one interception.

Aaron Rogers also led the team in rushing against Detroit. He ran times for a total of 27 yards. He had one rushing touchdown. His longest run was the 17-yard touchdown.

Richard Rogers led the team in receiving. Rogers caught eight passes for 146 yards. His longest reception was his 61-yard touchdown.

Matthew Stafford had 220 yards through the air that night. He completed 22 out of 35 passes and had two touchdowns on the night.

Ameer Abdullah led the team in rushing. He carried the ball 13 times for 67 yards. His longest run was 36 yards.

Detroit’s number one passer that game was Golden Tate. Tate caught eight passes for 63 yards. His longest reception was 13 yards.

I was honestly so surprised at this game. The entire first half of the game was just dominated by Detroit. They had this game in the bag! And then they became the Lions again. After this loss, their playoff chances are dim, and probably aren’t too likely. Green Bay is just grateful to be back on top, especially after Minnesota’s flop to Seattle.

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