Physical effects of binge watching

Senior Maika'ike English recorded his latest binge watching session just for us.

December 21, 2015

While Binge-watching might feel good while you’re doing it, there are some not-so-good effects of it.

All that sitting and lounging around, could be doing things to your body — bad things.

For instance, according to Alice Park of, hours spent sitting “can increase the risk of developing diabetes by 3.4 percent.”

But that isn’t all.

Sitting and watching Netflix, may seem harmless; however, it could affect your body in 5 other ways:

  1. Galen Cranz, a posture expert and professor at the University of California Berkeley says that sitting can curve your spine, and keeping it like that too long could cause cramping, aching muscles, and smushed organs. A solution? Find a recliner. It’ll allow your back to keep its natural shape.
  2. Avoid getting fat by avoiding the Food Network, seriously. “A six-year U.S. study found that for every two hours of TV you watch a day, you’re 23 percent more likely to become obese,” says Arianna Cohen in her article on physical effects of binge-watching.
  3. You’re a zombie. According to researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, being in front of a fluorescent light for a typical binge before bed makes you less sleepy and more groggy. Try daytime binging to avoid zombie life.
  4. You won’t die if you miss a binge, but you might if you don’t even stop. Australian researchers at the University of Queensland found that every single hour of TV watching after the age of 25, can reduce life expectancy by almost 22 minutes, on average. Watch less, live longer.
  5. Don’t forget to breathe. Sitting shrinks lung capacity by a third, if you sit with a pillow behind your back, it’ll open up your lungs.

I haven’t even gotten started on the psychological effects of binge watching, but if you’re interested, read this excellent article at



“One time I missed my cousin’s wedding because I thought my Netflix marathon was far more important… and it was.” –Kaiulani Cambra, grade 11

“I binge watch Hawaii 5-0 for about 4 hours every day because I have nothing better to do.” –Blake Fukumoto, grade 12

“Push 10 of EPI…(Grey’s Anatomy reference)” –Kasey Redman, grade 12

“Instead of studying, I binge watch Disney movies on Netflix.” –Kulana Wilhelm, grade 12

“I finished the whole series of Grey’s Anatomy in two weeks.” –Kamalei Roback, grade 10

“I binge watch The Clock in class.” –Rylie Velez, grade 12

“I finished American Horror Story in two days.” –Maverick Akana, grade 9

Empire is my life.” –Kayla Sniffen, grade 11

“Last summer I watched 19 seasons of three different TV shows.” –Sophia Maddera, grade 11

“I finished 4 seasons of 90210 in a week.” –Kyana Nagasako, grade 10

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