Junior Destynee Albiar

Destynee Albiar is grateful for the night sky.

November 26, 2016


Photo by Holly Honda

Destynee Albiar says that she is grateful for the night sky.

Destynee Albiar, a junior, says that she is grateful for the night sky.

She values education and always tries her best to do well in school. Albiar is determined to get good grades and perseveres through all challenges that come her way.

Like many other students, Albiar stays up until midnight to get all of her homework done. One way that she gets through that is through the night sky.

“[Around] 11 or 12 is when I [get] that downhill [feeling] with my homework, and I feel that I don’t want to do it, but I just look up, and I see the pretty sky and all the stars”, she said.

The night sky gives Albiar peace and makes her happy, which motivates her to finish her work.

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