Mr. Boro’s debut single out now


Photo by Dyllyn Kahalehau

While being both a music teacher and musician, Mr. Boro always enjoys playing his guitar during his downtime.

Mr. Kawika Boro (KSM ’09) is now the choir and piano teacher at Kamehameha Maui after the retirement of founding choir teacher Mr. Dale Nitta last year. 

“I loved music for as long as I can remember, so I’ve always been involved in it, whether it’s in church or elementary school,” Mr. Boro said. 

Mr. Boro graduated from Pacific University in Oregon and a took on the position as a music teacher at Toledo High School, but even when he was a student here, he was already gigging and composing music.

It has all led up to the release of his debut single titled “Temporary Distancing” on Friday, February 19.  

Though he always loved music, he said he developed a real passion for it in high school. Mr. Boro participated in Hawaiian Ensemble with Kumu Kalei Aarona-Lorenzo and choir with Mr. Nitta.

His involvement in ʻAha Mele, Nā Mele and the All State Honor Choir only confirmed that this was the industry for him.

“All those things were just like music, music, music, so it was perfect,” he said.

Mr. Boro wrote “Temporary Distancing” with the intention that people would think that it was about a significant other, “but really, it’s a love song for Maui,” he said.

When he first heard his song on the radio he described the feeling as “ butterflies, chicken skin, and all the vibes.”

The song that had played before his was done by the group Hui ʻOhana, which Mr. Boro characterizes as “OG’s and having legend status.”

“I’m not there, I’m definitely not there. But I’m just saying to hear me play after that–surreal, so surreal. Itʻs very exciting and it meant a lot to me for sure.”

Now that “Temporary Distancing” has been released, Mr. Boro is working on a second single and is just about done with it. He is recording with Imua Garza from Opihi Pickers.

“Without exaggerating, he is the most well rounded, most talented musician,” he said.

The second single will be released “in the next couple of months.” In the meantime, Mr. Boro is putting a music video together for “Temporary Distancing”  and an album that he hopes to complete by the end of this year,

“That’s my goal,” he said. 

Mr. Boro said that his first recording experience with Mr. Garza was surprising.  He didn’t know how long it would take to record it and was surprised when Garza told him that they would probably finish it that day.

“Oh my goodness, I don’t want to rush. This is my first song. This is my baby. I wanna make sure we do it right,” Mr. Boro said, but he had nothing to worry about. The song came out perfectly, “and I think [Garza’s] work speaks for itself,” he said.  

Mr. Boro is right where he’s always wanted to be, and with his recording career getting off the ground, his future is bright.

“It’s awesome that it’s happening, and I’m hoping to be here forever ever,” he said.