Kira’s Companions: ‘So handsome!’


Photo by Kira Gomez

Jimmy on Super Bowl Sunday in his new sweater, sitting next to his tūtū.

By Kira Gomez, staff writer

It was Super Bowl Sunday! I know the team I was rooting for won, but did yours? Other than watching that exciting match though, it was also quite a chilly day upcountry. I went over to my tūtū’s house with the family to watch the game and spend time with them, but also to admire the dog.

Jimmy Dean, a two year-old mini dachshund, has been the center of attention in that house ever since he was brought home in February of 2021. He is a little energetic bundle of joy, who not only enjoys acting as if he is 40 pounds heavier and three feet taller, but also enjoys modeling in his free time.

Whenever I see him as he greets me at the door I can’t help but notice something, his outfit. I know for certain if it is rainy or cold, he will always have an outfit on, and Sunday was no different. He was rocking a cute plaid sweater. It was one I’d never seen before, so I asked how many clothing items he actually has. The answer? Let’s just say there is enough to fill an entire wardrobe. He has more sweaters than me, and I have a lot.

Jimmy's 2022 Halloween costume
Jimmy’s 2022 Halloween costume (Photo by courtesy of Kawehi Rickard)

It has always baffled me how willingly he wears those silly outfits whether it be for Halloween, Christmas, or just because he is, as my tūtū says, “cold.” I know for certain my dogs would never wear anything like that willingly, so I just don’t understand how some dogs, like Jimmy, do.

Jimmy's go to holiday sweater for 2022
Jimmy’s go to holiday sweater for 2022 (Photo by courtesy of Kawehi Rickard)

Maybe it’s because he likes the praise of everyone telling him how cute or handsome he is. Maybe it’s because he actually is cold. Or, maybe it’s because he just likes wearing clothes. I guess we will never fully know.

But something I do know is that Jimmy has changed my mom’s side of the family drastically. He has three best friends in the form of my aunty, tūtū and papa and will always be at one of their sides. He has two homes, each with his own toys, treats, beds, and most importantly, clothes. I never would have guessed a dog would be roaming the halls of my grandparents’ home two years ago, but I guess there is a first for everything.

He’s basically their sixth grandchild, and personally, I think the favorite, although they’ll never admit that to my face. But all in all, Jimmy Dean is a member of the family that never fails to roll over for belly rubs from anyone who looks at him, that chews at bones bigger than his head, and that acts as if every week is Fashion Week.

Jimmy being exactly what his shirt says, a lil' king
Jimmy being exactly what his shirt says, a lil’ king (Photo by courtesy of Kawehi Rickard)