Air Riflery ends with bang

Jacob Julian fourth in state


Photo by Quinn Williams

Sophmore Jacob Julian’s MIL title is the first for Kamehameha Maui in air riflery.

Sophomore Jacob Julian led this year’s air riflery team with consistently high scores, winning first place in the Maui Interscholastic League Championships and fourth place at the Hawaiʻi High School Athletic Association’s Civil Marksmanship Program Air Riflery State Championship.

Last year, Julian got second place in the MIL and 31st in the state meet. This year he surpassed himself in both events, which were held at Kamehameha Maui in Kaʻulaheanuiokamoku Gymnasium earlier this month.

In the state competition on Tuesday, Oct. 27, Julian scored 184 in the prone position, 168 in the standing position and 179 while kneeling for a total of 531.

The Maui News reported that his scores made for one of “the best individual finishes ever for Maui County competitors.”

“It feels great knowing that last year I got 31st, and now I’m fourth,” he said. “Honestly, I thought my score was fake because it was so high.”

Julian, the son of Kamehameha Maui air riflery coach William Julian, has been a part of the team for its two-year existence; however, he has been shooting all his life.

“I learned how to shoot in my back yard,” he said.

Julian plans to participate in air riflery again next year and hopes to “win states and MIL.”

The MIL champion was one of six state-qualifiers on the Kamehameha Maui air riflery team. The boys team placed 7th overall, while both boys and girls placed individually.

In the individual boys results, Kody Cambra placed 46th overall with a score of 176-142-168 for a 486, Blake Fukumoto was 57th with scores of 177-121-150 for 448, and Joshua Grant, who placed 59th, 149-112-160 for 421.

There were also two girls who participated. Megan Miguel placed 27th with scores of 185-150-161 and a total of 496 and Kela Kauhaahaa placed 44th overall with 182-137-156 and a total of 475.

There were 60 individual shooters in each of the girls and boys divisions.