Boys air riflery leading early on


Photo by Brianne Reformina

Sophomore Kiare Cabanting is eager to see her individual ranking while the last round of shooting begins inside the Maui High School gymnasium, Saturday, Sept. 17, during Maui Interscholastic Meet #3.

With new team captains and outstanding individual and team results for the last three shoots, the Kamehameha boys and girls air riflery team hope to capture the 2016 MIL title.

The boys team has placed first in the first two meets, and while the girls placed fifth at their first meet, they improved to third in their second, and yesterday, the Kamehameha boys and girls air riflery teams participated in MIL shoot #3 at Maui High School gymnasium.

Final results were unavailable at the time of this writing, but junior Jacob Julian was ranked in first place all the way through round three with a score of 257 – 10.

Julian is the boys team captain, and junior Kela Kauhaʻahaʻa is the girls captain.

Coach William Julian plans to get both girls and boys in the top-standings for the Maui Interscholastic League title and, along the way, also improve every player’s abilities.

“Coach helps a lot to get to the point where you can start to improve by yourself,” said junior Jordan Kahana Kama, second-year shooter.

Coach Julian is the father of Jacob and their power pairing led Jacob to the state tournament last year, where he placed fourth.

Other shooters plan to join him this year, whether through individual or team rankings.

At the end of round three in MIL meet #3, in addition to Julian’s first place in individual rankings, and sophomore Kody Cambra was close behind in fifth place by six shots with a score of 251 – 5.

The highest two girls were junior Kaili Helekahi-Fuata (25th, 227 – 4) and Kauhaʻahaʻa (29th, 224-4).

Jacob knows both girls and boys team are putting effort into their practices and that “it showed in their scores.” Even Kauhaʻahaʻa is certain that the younger players on the team “will definitely go to states this year.”

The next air riflery shoot will be a postal one, shot during the week’s practices at home.