Boys cheer entertains Spirit Week crowd


Photo by Daisy Draper

Are the Senior boys calling their placement in the boys cheerleading competition September 11 at Keōpūolani Hale? Come to the varsity homecoming football game to find out, Saturday, Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. at Kanaʻiaupuni Stadium.

By Daisy Draper, staff writer

A crowd of about 300 hooted and cheered for the boys cheerleading teams yesterday in Keōpūolani Hale. From their wardrobes to their dance moves, the boys entertained all who cut short their lunches to join the fun.

“It was entertaining, and the boys were really into it,” junior Mikayla Lau said.

The freshmen were dashing in their matching black outfits and elicited “aw’s” for their youthful cuteness and swells of supportive applause for their clever rap and solid choreography.

The sophomores brought back their classic move from last year: giving out roses to girls in the audience.

The juniors looked like a blast from the past in their letterman jackets in the class color, gray, and cool shades. Their choreography was tight with innovative moves that had the audience going wild.

Seniors brought up the last leg in fun, orange tie-dyed shirts and lei and mugging it up to songs like The Village People’s “Macho Man.” A solo animation segment by Shane Borge was a well-received highlight.

All teams have been practicing since that start of the year, but not without obstacles.

“Some struggles this year were just getting time together to practice. Since some of our boys had sports or other out of school commitments, just getting us all together to practice was a struggle,” Borge said.

“It was a great group of guys who put in their time and efforts for making our boys cheer. We also have to thank Mikeila Yamamoto for creating our music and Kela Killam for helping Mikeila with the routine,” he said.

With the competition over, everyone is eager to find out which grade won, but no one will know until the results are announced at the homecoming game on September 14, when the scores for all of the events, including boys cheer, will be released during half time of the varsity game.