She’s beauty, she’s Grace VanderWaal: new album dropping Nov. 3


Photo by Courtesy of Moxie Music

Singer and ʻukulele player Grace VanderWaal. Her next album, ʻJust The Beginning,ʻ is expected to drop Nov. 3.

Starting off as just an average, everyday girl, Grace VanderWaal’s fame has skyrocketed ever since her victory in 2016’s America’s Got Talent.

She had originally entered the television talent show with an original song, “I Don’t Know My Name,” and this started her journey through the competition. Her singing and ʻukulele-playing abilities were what pushed her to the top to win the show.

The song is about a person who says she doesn’t know her name and can’t figure out where she fits. She tries to change in different ways, and toward the end of the song, there are lines like “I know my name…but I’m trying to find my way.”

With her new album, Just the Beginning, dropping Nov. 3, VanderWaal is still reeling from her newfound fame.

Album cover for ʻJust the Beginning,ʻ Grace Vanderwaalʻs all-original debut album.
Album cover for ʻJust the Beginning,ʻ Grace Vanderwaalʻs all-original debut album.

“Before AGT, I was just Grace, then everything was flipped upside down. I could never have even dreamed I’d win or that this was my destiny. I’ve been taking it one step at a time ever since,” she said.

Since then, she has written and released many songs, one of which, “Moonlight,” was released July 20.

The song talks about a girl who started changing, and once she changed, she found herself to be a fake personality of herself. She goes on to remember the memories she’s made with someone who made her feel so happy and magical, almost as if “they were dancing in the moonlight.”

“Moonlight” is one of the songs on her upcoming album.

“The songs I write are based on my life experiences, I channel whatever feelings I have into my lyrics, and if I feel in my heart that a song feels right, then it’s right,” she said.

She was named one of Billboard’s 21 stars Under 21 for the second time and was recognized in Variety’s Youth Impact Report. She has also become a popular presence on YouTube and Instagram and Modeling Agency IMG recently added her to their prestigious roster.

Grace is an impressive girl for being only 12 twelve years old when she was brought to fame, and she is still only 13 years old but making music with much meaning, hard work and emotion behind it.

So get ready. November 3 is right around the corner when her debut album, “Just the Beginning,” comes out with lots of great tracks, all of which she wrote herself.