Seniors take 2014 spirit week win


Photo by Destinee Murray

Senior Crystal Hipolito gets silly in the parade that marks the end of spirit week competition. High school classes competed in different events throughout the week. Carrying of the class banner in the parade at halftime of the homecoming football game on Saturday, Sept. 27, is one of the final acts before winners were announced at the paradeʻs end. The seniors won with 5,175 points.

The halftime show lit up the crowd with students from classes ranging from elementary all the way to high school during last nightʻs homecoming football game at Kanaʻiaupuni Stadium.

This year, the seniors took home the win with a total of 5,175 points while the sophomore class followed in second with 4,200 points; in third place were the juniors with 3,575 points, and closing out the standings in fourth was the freshmen class with 2,750 points.

“I was really pleased because we were really scared of, like, the underclassmen sort of beating us and working harder than us, but in the end it all came together like how we wanted it to, and weʻre very pleased with our results,” said Iotana Tua, senior on the class committee.

Last night, students displayed banners that represented their classes, wore clothes and accessories in their class colors, and accompanied their floats as they paraded along the section of track on the mauka side of the football field.

The event included the talents of all high school students, whether they participated in a small group event like boys cheer, a large group event like class cheer, played music at the game, sat in the cheering section, worked at the concession stand, painted faces at the tailgate party, or covered the story for classes, yearbook, video production, or journalism, the entire high school worked to make spirit week an event.

At the end of halftime, Associated Students of Kamehameha Schools Maui president Hali’a Kekuewa announced the winners and placement of each class from the high school spirit events this past week, including battle of the bands, boys cheer, dress up participation, step, class cheer, float, and banner.

Each event came with its own point value, and the points from each event were added up to arrive at the overall scores and the winner. (10:48 HST: The results below have been revised since original publication to reflect updated information.)

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The freshmen, who were new to the tough, yet fun, homecoming week hubbub, came in last but still managed to have a good time.

“As a freshman, homecoming week was very stressful. Honestly I wanted the week to end before it even started. Once this week actually came, it was really fun watching the upperclassmen and learning how homecoming should be,” said freshman Tayler Siminski, who worked on many of the entries.

The sophomores and juniors, as it turns out, were battling with each other for second place throughout the week, and although they finished pretty close in the overall scoring, the sophomores edged out the juniors by 625 points.

“ This year our class worked together more,” sophomore Nikki McGuire said.

Junior Te’a Kauha’a-Pō said to better prepare for the chaotic week next year, they need  “to start earlier and be more prepared and to recruit more people [to help out]”.