Raboy-McGowan accepted to three Ivy League universities


Photo by courtesy of Kawehi Raboy-McGowan

Don’t let that Harvard t-shirt fool you. Senior Dorian Kawehi Raboy-McGowan received his official letter of acceptance to Harvard University as of March 30, but he has also been accepted into many other schools, including Stanford, Yale, and Princeton. There is no decision yet on which school he will actually attend.

Senior Dorian (Kawehi) Raboy-McGowan has received official acceptance from three Ivy League schools, including Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Universities, as of March 30.

In addition to these universities, Raboy-McGowan has also been accepted into Stanford University, the Universities of Washington and Michigan, Purdue University, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa.

With these acceptances, it is obvious that Raboy-McGowan is an academically inclined student. He has a GPA of nearly 4.0, a cumulative SAT score of 1390, which places him in the top 25% of test-takers, and an ACT score of 32. A perfect ACT score is 36.

However, all of his time isnʻt just spent on schoolwork. He played football for four years, one on junior varsity and three on the varsity team, as well as a year spent on the junior varsity soccer team here at Kamehameha Schools Maui.

Raboy-McGowanʻs letter of acceptance.
Photo by courtesy of Kawehi Raboy-McGowan
Raboy-McGowanʻs letter of acceptance.

As of this writing, Raboy-McGowan was not sure of any potential financial aid or scholarships for Stanford or the Ivy League schools, but he had been offered the Henry T. Heald Scholarship worth $25,000 each year for four years from the  Illinois Institute of Technology and the Chancellor’s Scholarship worth $10,000 a year for four years from UH Mānoa. Both scholarships apply only to the schools that offered them.

Raboy-McGowan has narrowed down his school choices to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford. To help pay for his education, he also has scholarships that can be used toward the school of his choosing. This includes a $5,000 scholarship given to him by the Valley Isle Rotary Club. He is currently waiting to see if he will be the recipient of a $10,000 scholarship also distributed by the Valley Isle Rotary Club. This scholarship is a single scholarship that is issued for the state of Hawaiʻi. Raboy-McGowan is the Rotary participant representing Maui.

“I am definitely in the range of possibly receiving these scholarships,” Raboy-McGowan said. The Rotary Club has not yet announced the state recipient.

When asked about Harvard prior to receiving his acceptances to the other schools, he said, “Well, itʻs Harvard.” He said he has known about Harvard since he was little, and he has always regarded it as the pinnacle of higher education.

Raboy-McGowan is planning on majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Though Harvard does not offer this major at their school, he plans on getting his graduate degree in this field, so he would major in mechanical engineering at Harvard, which takes four years. He would then transfer to another university for his graduate education.

He said that before he was accepted into Harvard, he “saw it mostly as somewhere I aspire to be but not something that I could actually attain,” but Raboy-McGowan hasn’t made a final decision yet. He will be attending each of the four universities’ accepted students visits to see the campuses and talk to other students. He hopes to “to get a feel of everything” and decide after that.

He said, “I am so grateful for the opportunities they have presented me….Upon being accepted by the colleges above, I am having the difficult (but good to have) choice of which institution I want to attend for the next four years and maybe more.”