Schooled: Promposals


Photo by Lilia Lorenzo

Prom poster made by Damian Kuluhiwa with help from Lilia Lorenzo. Kuluhiwa asked Haley Kalama to prom with the poster. She said yes!

By Daisy Draper, staff writer

It’s that time of year again. Flowers, signs, dress shopping–that’s right. It’s prom season.

The juniors have hopefully turned in all of the necessary forms and payments by now,  but when they were on the lookout for a prom date, some of my classmates got pretty creative. Some made big, colorful signs and bought flowers, and I say that’s a promposal!

Even if you had a girlfriend or boyfriend going into prom season, you should still have asked in a big way.

Promposals should be thought out and well planned. If so, your future prom date is more likely to say yes. How do you turn someone down who is that thoughtful?

Look at Jacob Lum Lung who asked Aubrey Carillo to prom by singing her a song and giving her flowers, lemonade, and a balloon at Keōpūolani Hale. She said yes!

Someone asked me to go (nothing fancy), so I didn’t have to come up with a way to ask someone out myself, but it got me thinking. If I had been the one to do the asking, what could I have done?

Well, what does any red-blooded American teenager do these days when she has a question? I took my quest to the Internet. And I found some pretty good stuff.

An idea I found on Pinterest is to get a few pink balloons and fill them up with helium. Draw pig faces on them and enclose the balloons in a box. On the box write, “I will go to prom with you when pigs fly!” When your date (hopefully) opens the box, “pigs” will fly. This is super cute!

Another idea from Pinterest is to get a teddy bear dressed in a little tux and holding a note that reads “Prom?” This idea is super cute and affordable. Those teddy bears are easy to find. If you can’t find one in a tux, just tie a ribbon around his neck like a bow tie.

Or how about buying a pizza and writing on the cover, “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?” Yes, this is very cheesy.

YouTube and Instagram are also filled with great ideas from flash mobs to videos and fake police pullovers.

Prom is one of the most important moments of your high school career. It will never come around again, and it deserves an equally unique promposal.

If you missed your chance, that’s okay. Make it up to that special someone by being the best prom date you can be. Be on time, look really spiffy, be on your best behavior, cause no drama, and dance, dance, dance. See you there!