Crave rave: Dessert daredevil


Photo by Quinn Williams

Lemon cupcakes with a lilikoʻi icing twist. Interesting!

By Quinn Williams, staff writer

Craving sweets lately but bored of the same flavors? Fortunately for you, I have a solution!

Coming home after a long day in school this week, my first thought was, of course, “I’m hungry. I wonder what we have to eat?”

Sharing the same sweet tooth as my sister, our first thought was cupcakes…then icing…then lilikoʻi…then cupcakes with lilikoʻi icing!

As excited as we were about the cupcake idea (which we made from a box mix), we were more excited about our creative icing idea.

We made the executive decision that lilikoʻi icing would only taste good with cupcakes as exotic as the fruit, so we passed on vanilla and chocolate. They lacked the lack creative flavor we were looking for, and, in the end, we decided lemon cupcakes would work.

Lemon cupcakes with homemade lilikoʻi icing? Hmm, keep reading, and I’ll let you know how it worked out.

Being fairly new to baking, our first instinct was to research “easy icing recipe” on the Web, and we stumbled upon Tasty Kitchen’s That’s the best frosting I ever had frosting recipe.

The ingredients are simple, just five items: flour, milk, vanilla, butter, and sugar.

A recipe with only 15 minutes prep time and 10 minutes cook time? We’ll take it!

We decided to experiment, and instead of 1 full cup of just milk, we put ¾ of cup of milk and ¼ cup of fresh lilikoʻi juice + the juice of four more lilikoʻi because weʻre lilikoʻi lovers.

In the process of figuring it all out, our 25 minutes turned into 3 hours! Safe to say, we aren’t the best bakers.

We paced with excitement for the cupcakes to cool and the icing to be ready to be spread.

Overall, our dessert turned out great! The lemon cupcakes partnered perfectly with the easy, light and flavorful icing! Leave the icing in the fridge overnight, and you’ll taste more lilikoʻi and less sugar.

With cravings satisfied, and my kitchen a sugary mess, I took declared myself an unofficial dessert chef, though my icing skills still need some work.

I did it, and so can you. If ever you’re craving something new, take a look around the kitchen and get creative for some cheap and delicious fun.