Hoo-RAE!: Family farm Sundays


That little thing that looks like a yellow highlighter is me!

By Lauren Kalama, staff writer

Sundays are usually a day of relaxation. They can also be days spent with your family, going to the beach, being with your friends, or finishing up that last bit of homework. My Sundays are usually a combination of all of this, plus putting on my work boots.

On Sunday mornings, I roll out of bed, put on my yellow long-sleeved shirt, leggings, and socks and head out the door for a 45-minute drive to Grandma and Papa’s farm.

The 12-acre piece of land is named Kameaaloha Farm and has been in our family for five years. Only last year, my grandparents sold their house to live full time on the farm. They have always been interested in farming, so they moved to the property to grow plants and to hopefully raise animals in the future, and I can’t wait for that!

As of now, we are growing kalo, hibiscus, ti leaf, bananas, lemons, limes, and other assorted plants. I hope to grow more Native Hawaiian plants and maybe even create a lo’i, but we have to see if the land and weather will be capable of supporting one.

I love every Sunday that I get to see my grandparents, work on the farm, and have a family dinner.

Now, what exactly do I get to do there? Besides a car, I get to drive my favorite vehicle, the Kawasaki MULE, and since my grandparents grow palm trees, my job is usually weeding, cleaning out garden beds, and my favorite, picking up all of the foxtail, coconut, and areca palm leaves.

After throwing those large leaves on the Kawasaki, riding to the compost piles is like a homemade rollercoaster. It’s a feeling like no other because to me, the world seems to freeze, and it’s like nothing can bother you. The farm is my safe place, my quiet place, even with tractors moving left and right and the radio blasting.

Like I said, my Sundays are usually a combination of all activities. I spend time with my family and friends, come down to the farm, the beach is right across the road, and sometimes I do my homework there too, but however I spend my time at the farm, I will always remember the importance of being there–for my grandparents, to be with my family, but also, to care for the land.

It is more than running around on the farm or driving the Kawasaki over the rocks. My grandparents have always taught me to take care of everything, for it will take care of you, and that, I will forever hold dear in my heart.