Hoo-RAE!: Joy in distance


Photo by Lauren Kalama

Going casual, but always smiling!

By Lauren Kalama, staff writer

7:30 A.M. and my alarm goes off. Get up for school! Online school, of course.

It’s distance learning, and by now we have all been assigned work, completed assignments, or had a Microsoft Teams or Zoom call. It’s taken a little bit of getting used to, but I can say that I am enjoying it.

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It’s only the fourth day, and I have already tried to complete assignments way before the deadline. There’s been a lot of work, but for some reason, I am not as stressed. Maybe it’s because I am able to work at my own pace, well sort of, or I am able to focus a little better.

My experience so far is going pretty well. As I said in my previous blog, “Stay connected with the ones you love, but also stay connected to yourself. There’s always something to look forward to.”

Yes, I know, I miss seeing my friends at school too, but during this time, it’s against the rules. That doesn’t stop me from FaceTiming them every hour because it does get lonely sitting in a room all day. To me, just having someone to talk to while working, makes this feel more normal.

Even though my eyes and back are getting sore from staring at my screen and sitting at my desk, I feel like I have accomplished a lot in the past couple of days. I was able to fully understand my assignments and take my time to complete each one.

As I come to the end of my first week of distance learning, I have a couple of notes for anyone else in this situation. Here are some things working for me:

  • First off, try to finish your work during the class period so that you can be done faster.
  • Also, take a break sometimes; you can’t be sitting down all day.
  • Lastly, don’t forget about keeping yourself happy and active, so go for a run or just do something you enjoy!