Cut to the Chase: Still figuring it out


Ready or not, world, here I come!

By Chasey Koomoa-Sidney, editor

Last week I had to take a personality test and the results were interesting but expected.

People are constantly changing but I’d like to think that at their core most people stay the same. Which means that all the quirks I had last time I took this test are still there. I’m still just as awesome–in case you were worried.

I took the test on and was told I’m a mediator. Which basically means that I’m a goober idealist that’s guided by my own principles–accurate but a tad insulting–;I’d fail horribly at any data-related jobs, and I’m an introvert. 

All of this is weirdly accurate, but it’s also stuff I already knew about myself (which I brought up in my assignment afterwards). It’s was an odd thirty minutes.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to have everything figured out by the time you start your senior year, but you should at least know yourself well enough that you don’t need a test to tell you who you are. 

For example: my head’s pretty much always in the clouds, stuffed in a great book, or lost in the music. My favorite classes have always been english and history because I love the storytelling involved. I’m aware a career in the liberal arts is probably in my future, but what category? 

I have no idea. I’ve found myself trying a multitude of different things over the past few years, and what have I learned? I haven’t found what I’m looking for. I want a career that’s going to make me happy for a long time because, let’s face it; college is expensive and getting a degree in something I ended up hating would feel like a waste.

Unfortunately, this test highlighted the fact that finding a satisfying job is going to be hard for me–yes, specifically as a mediator. Which means the next few years is gonna be me trying a little bit of everything I’ve ever been interested in. 

Those old Greeks had it right: “know thyself.”

Okay, check. Now what?