Warriors with Game: Sai Furukawa


3rd issue Warrior with Game: Sai Furukawa

By Kiana Kamalu, op-ed editor

The text of this article from our March 2, 2012, issue was incorrect. It is being re-printed here in its correct form. The staff of Ka Leo o Nā Koa apologizes for the error.

Name: Sai Furukawa

Sport: Judo

Weight class: 114 lbs.

Height: 5’7-½ ”

Age and Grade: 16, junior

Workout: We haven’t started the season yet due to the wrestling season. My workout right now is wrestling practice.

Hobbies: Learning in general, judo.

Something others (KSM students) do not know about him: Although I lost every single match my freshman year, I worked very hard, and I was soon MIL Champ in the 2010-2011 school year (my sophomore year).

Other Sports: cross country and wrestling

What he adds to the team: I try to encourage everyone to do their best. Judo is my most favorite sport.

Challenges the team has faced so far this year: We haven’t started the season yet, but a problem we faced last year was just dedication. The most people we had come to practice during Spring Break was about five, I think. I was one of them, of course.

How he has conquered “the hurdles”: I’m going to try to enforce practice because if one wants to become the best, he needs to work for it. I understand people have lives to live and whatnot, but the athlete should at least make an effort to attend practice.

How long he has been playing: I have been doing judo since my freshman year.