Boys Soccer scores first season win against Bears


Kainalu Kealoha goes for the steal against Baldwin. The boys soccer team won, 3-1, in their first regular season game Dec. 11.

By Reid Cairme, Sports Editor

The Kamehameha Schools Maui Warriors boys soccer team won their first game of the 2012-2013 Maui Interscholastic League season against the Baldwin Bears. The Warriors beat the defending champions 3-1 on Dec. 11, 2012, at Kanaʻiaupuni Stadium.

“It felt great to win,” Freshman Brennan Joaquin said, “especially against a great team.”

“It’s just a start,” Head Coach Kimo Correa said. “There is a lot that we will need to improve on over the season to become better.”

The Warriors came out aggressively at the start of the game with Joaquin almost making the first goal against the Bears.

Junior AJ Owan was close to scoring early in the game, but his kicks hit the goal posts. It was about 17 minutes into the first half when sophomore Micah Alo scored for the Warriors.

Joaquin scored only a few minutes later, raising a triumphant fist in the air and cheering. A half hour into the game, the Warriors had already scored two points against the Bears.

The Bears then began to play aggressively against the Warriors, almost scoring, but their kicks were blocked by senior Acer Pahukoa.

The Bears also faked a free kick by having a player pretend to kick the ball while another did. Pahukoa blocked the kick regardless, following up with a punt that sent the ball over half the field length to the Bears’ goal.

“Acer had some great saves,” Coach Correa said. “There is a lot of determination in our defense.”

The Warriors missed many shots during the second half of the game, most of them going over the Bears’ goal.

Baldwin really began to put pressure on the Warriors, keeping the ball as close to their goal for as long as possible during the second half of the game. A Bear was close to scoring their first point against the Warriors, but senior Stephen Barut blocked the shot.

With a free kick, junior Chandler Alo scored a free kick straight past the Bear’s goalie half an hour into the second half.

The Bears scored their one and only goal shortly after that.

“It was good to come out with a victory tonight,” Coach Correa said, “but this is just the start. We hope to see more throughout the rest of the season.